Thursday, April 23, 2015

SG-1, Season 5

- Good one
- That tilting stargate the Aschen had was pretty nifty

Wormhole Extreme
- Will never not be funny.
- Mozzie's back
- Not one, but a pair of DeLuise brothers.  And the third one shows up later (also giving Carter another name on her list of ex-boyfriends.

Proving Ground
- Sir, your wound is getting all over my lab.
- However, he did appear to enjoy shooting me.
- "Have fun, Daniel."  And I laughed.
- The test w ithin a test within a test was good.

48 Hours
- Oh goody, Tanith is back.  As much as I like Peter Wingfield, if Stargate = MacGyver, then Tanith = Murdoc. 
- Hey, hey, it's Dr McKay.  Looking very young and very, very cocky.
- Tanith + Q.  A duo of annoying.
- And here's Maybourne.  It's old home week.  
- David, or Shaun?  Butch!
- Good grief, McKay looks about 22 there.  But still with a full-grown ego.
- Major Davis is always good to have around.
- And McKay still has that winning personality.  Really surprised Sam hasn't decked him yet.  Especially after the "Dumb blondes" comment.
- Good news: Teal'c's back.  Unfortunately, we've fried the Russian DHD.
- Sparky!
- And Rodney's sent off to Siberia :)

- Tanith, Zippy, Daniel's ex, and Elliot's back, too.
- Zippy's got a better costume this time
- I would swear (15:50 in) that Jacob just called Daniel "Danny"
- Martouf returns
- Ah, Baal.  He'll be back again.
- "Renal" is not the best name for a symbiote.  Kidneys.
- Elliot/Lantash!  Will they survive? I honestly don't remember.
- So, here's another Daniel-ex, and now he won't want to gas the place.

- All sorts of Goa'uld fun
- Poor Elliot/Lantash.

Fail Safe
- Amateur Astronomer dude looks familiar
- Loved Teal'c's look when they found out the crew was responsible for the X-301
- Major Davis!
- I miss Hammond of Texas.  He was a very good General, and Don S. Davis did an outstanding job.
- Oooh, naquadah-asteroid-bomb-nova
- "Carter, I can see my house!"
- So, how far on the other side of Earth did the asteroid emerge from hyperspace?  Hammond and the President had the impression that it "just disappeared" so I guess they couldn't see it again afterward.

- Bra'tac (Bratac?) is back
- Tek'ma'tek."     - "Back'atcha"
-Hey, you! In the skirt!
- Major Carter is a formidable warrior.  And is of course the best shot ever.
- When will the other shoe drop?
- Lovely Matrix-y slow-motion fighting
- And there's the other shoe all right.  K'tano was Imhotep.  Oops

Monday, April 20, 2015

Season 5, part 2

Red Sky

- Elves!
- Nice use of over-exposure in the filming.  I guess the K'tau eyes are adapted to it.
- "They could be drawn and quartered before nightfall."
- Who knew an Asgard could produce a "You WHAT?!?!" look with only his eyelids.
- "Echo! ! "
- "Little grey butts"
- "Sir, I've been thinking." "I'd be shocked if you ever stoped, Carter."

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Even more Stargate - Season 5

- "Welcome to my world."  Jacob/Selmac can smart-ass about as good as Jack.

- Always good for Bra'tac to be back, even if he's talking about the coming end of his life (hooray for the symbiote-replacing-chemical)
- We see the beginnings of Teal'c's disillusionment
- Were they going the eye-candy route?  Teal'c seems to be losing his shirt (litereally) a lot.  Plus eyeshadow.  At least the chin worm is gone. 

- "Don't turn it on!"
- Nice car, Carter. 
- Hey, it's the older Young Indiana Jones!
- I remember now, this is the one where Sam and Indy buid their own stargate out of a toaster or something.
- I want Sam's house.  Or at least her interior designer.  Because I have no design sense, no $$ for someone else to do it, and my house looks like I'm still in college.
- "Gas leak" - the go-to excuse for any and all sorts of official-type people trying to be inconspicuous.  Is there any show that hasn't pulled this one?
- "you know me and sci-fi"
- Teal'c in a Western cowboy get-up will never not be funny
- "I have heard of a place where humans do battle in a ring of Jell-o."  "Call Daniel"
- It's Q!! 
- Can I have an emerald the size of a peach pit?
- How does Q expect his goons to take a non-corporeal entity into custody??
- Poor Sam, she has Cartwright-son levels of bad luck with the men she dates.

The Fifth Man
- More Q.  And, once an ass, always an ass.
- Janet Fraiser still reminds me of Mary Ann.

Thursday, April 16, 2015

Yes, even more Stargate

- So Major Davis is also a pretty smart cookie? Sam leaves him to figure out the missiles while she works on burn rates
- Possibly the funniest line ever:  Daniel Jackson speaking Goa'uld and pretending to be the Great and Powerful Oz will always make me laugh
- Jacob and Sam's argument over arrogance and infantility
- Teal'c and Jack's enthusiasm

The Curse
- Another round of Spot the Canadian Actor: Ben Bass, who's also been in Forever Knight, Flashpoint, and a couple of other Canadian-produced shows.
- Daniel gets his brain probed again.

Serpent's Venom
- Teal'c betrayed again.
- "Of course, Colonel O'Neill is always fun to have around."
- "It's all Phoenician to me, sir."
- Stargate meets Dr. Seuss:  Green is bad? Yes, bad.  How bad? Very, very bad. Dad?!"
- Trust me, it's a math thing.
- And Teal'c gets all eloquent (especially for a very taciturn person) about false gods.

Chain Reaction
- Starsky & Hutch
RDA's dog, I think
- That damned Kinsey turns up
- pretty sure that's English Bay, Vancouver, where Jack & Maybourne are eating on the beach
- Sam saves the day again
- Bauer's not really good in a crisis, is he

- Jack's meeting with General Ryan is awesome
- Did we ever hear of Cadet Hailey again?
- There should really be a Lego MALP

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Stargate - Season 4, part 2

Notes and comments on Stargate SG-1, Season 4.

- I'm with Teal'c on the whole para-jumping.  Not my thing at all.  
- "The sub is Swiss."  "Okay, so they occasionally catche fire, but they keep perfect time."    Someone really has been around Jack too long, the smart-assiness is spreading.  :)
- Also, "Actually, this is quite charming."  AKA, you haven't even seen the tip of the smart-ass snarky iceberg that is Jack O'Neill on a bad day.
- When the person-cicle starts to breathe, RUN AWAY!!

Beneath the Surface
- Interesting dreams Jack was having.  

Point of No Return
- OK, not even up to the theme yet, but when I heard the voicemail recording, "Oh my God, it's Mozzie!!!!"  

Monday, April 13, 2015

Stargate - Season 4

Just started season 4.  I forgot that's when the Replicators showed up.  Never liked them, too bug-like, too hard to defeat, and that whole brain-stabbing thing was too creepy.  Better them than the Ori,  though.  I still kind of think the Ori were a bad idea for an ongoing villain, since they weren't really defeatable (as I recall).  But then, as much as I liked Mitchell & Vala, Stargate just wasn't the same after RDA cut down his time on the show.

Oh, yay, it's also the Teal'c-chin-worm season.  Did they ever explain the skinny blond soul patch?

Small Victories:
- The Asgard can start the Gate without the Whoosh.  Interesting
- Meet Teal'c's chin worm
- Yah sure youbetcha
- "Someone dumber than you"
- Carter may not be dumb enough :)
- The Asgard ship named The O'Neill

- aka Stargate x Six Million Dollar Man

- Oh, look!!  It's Methos! And then he goes all evil.
- How do the Jaffa do the gold tattoo/brand thing?  Because Teal'c's looks like metal, and that just makes me cringe, thinking how the Goa'uld would go about the process of metal brands/body modification.
- Freya may be one of my favorite Tok'ra.  And Jacob, of course.
- Apprentice O'Neill  - LOL
- Finally, a love interest for Teal'c. Not that she lasted long, in time-honored don't-date-the-hero fashion.  Seriously - watch Bonanza, or Big Valley, or Gunsmoke:  any time one of the Cartwrights or Barkleys started fancying a girl, her days were numbered.  Gunsmoke did marry off Newly, but the bride was a goner before the end of the episode, thanks to a blood disease.

Divide & Conquer
- Au revoir, Martouf, my other favorite Tok'ra.  JR Bourne shows up regularly on other Canadian-filmed shows, and I almost always have to make some comment about 'Toufie. 

SG-1: Maternal Instincts, Crystal Skull

More Stargate:

Maternal Instincts, aka Meet Oma Desala and speak in Riddles. 
- Bra'tac is awesome fun, and still kicking butt at the age of 130ish.
- Jack and the smelly feet
- Daniel forgetting his shoes
- Daniel fell for the "you can light fires with your mind" hoax awfully fast.

Crystal Skull
- Odd that they never mentioned Grandpa Nick again.  Would have been interesting.
- First visit to the skull was crazy fun.  Daniel's drooling over the skull, Sam's all over the muons and leptons, and Jack's being Mr. Practicality, wondering how far down the drop is, and what it would cost to heat the place.
- Daniel dropped something over the edge, it looked like, when he was c hasing Teal'c.  Wonder if that was a flub?
- Again with the out-of-phase people who can walk through walls, but not fall through the floor.  This one's been done on lots of SF shows - I know there was a TNG episode about it, maybe Eureka also.
- "Napoleonic powermonger"  (snort) and then Teal'c dropping Jack back on the bed like a sack of flour.

Friday, April 10, 2015

SG-1 Season 3 - 100 Days and after

Random thoughts on the latter half of Season 3:

100 Days
  - Was there anything left to harvest after the Fire Rain anyway?
  - Curling!!
  - Between Daniel, Sam, and Jack, there's a whole Kirk-ish girl-in-every-port thing going.  Sam's got Martouf, Nareem, and a couple of others.  Daniel has Sha're, of course, and Ke'ra (aka Destroyer of Worlds).  Jack has just had his little vacation fling with Lara on Edora.  Teal'c may be the only one who finds a pretty girl to flirt with on every planet.

Rewatching Stargate is doing a re-watch of all the Stargates - SG-1, Atlantis, and Universe.  I'd been watching Atlantis last month anyway - mostly via Amazon Prime while waiting for The Kid after school, even though we own all the DVDs.  So I started over, and have watched about half the episodes from the first two seasons of SG-1 so far.  Right now, I'm on Season 3, up to "100 Days" right now. 

I miss the Stargates.  I've been a fan of Richard Dean Anderson since MacGyver, and even before, since I have vague memories of watching Emerald Point N.A.S. and Seven Brides for Seven Brothers.  I like a good show with some humor to go with the drama.