Thursday, May 16, 2013

Michelangelo's cupcakes

You know, you get lucky twice with homemade costumes, and suddenly the 6-year-old thinks you can do the Sistine Chapel on top of a cupcake (or 20 cupcakes). 

Yep, it's birthday time again.  And a real genius would sell half-boxes of cake mix to make a dozen cupcakes.  I need 12 today and 18 next week - so, 2 batches of cake mix, 48 cupcakes, and about 18 extras that will be hanging around waiting to be eaten.  I plan to try freezing some, because we're knee deep in cake, with 3 birthday parties (family, school, after-school program).  El B's grandma made his cake for the family birthday dinner, and she still makes family-size cakes with 3 boxes of mix.  With three other desserts in the mix, we came home with about 2 cakes-worth of cake. 

This year, it's Disney themed (so much for the clearanced Angry Birds stuff I bought).  He thinks I can do Mickey and Minnie faces on each cake.  One idea he floated was to cut the faces out of soda bread (?why? - after he determined that there's no actual soda in it), black icing for ears, etc.  Or purple icing, with white icing for the face, black for the ears, and something about banana slices for the mouth.  Oy. 

What he's getting is white icing with - hopefully - a Mickey outline in black or purple, and a picture of Mickey, Minnie, Allie or Swampy printed out and stuck to a toothpick.  I'm not Michelangelo, and there's only so much room on a cupcake top.