Monday, February 8, 2016

2016 Reading List

Here we go for another year

What I've read, 2016.  I'm shooting for a book a week
  1. Faith Ed (1-11-16)  Good and timely, about the issues with teaching religions in school without promoting one over another.
  3. The Descendants, by Kaui Hart Hemmings (1-20-16)
  4. Al Capone Does My Homework (1-23-16) Third in a series, one of the Mark Twain Award nominees for 2015, which my son is reading.
  5. Yes, that is My Real Accent, by Kunal Nayar (2-1-16)
  6. Sue Hubbell book (2-4-16)
  7. Kitchen Confidential, by Anthony Bourdain (2/17/16)
  10. The Secret Lives of Hoarders (2/18/16)
  11. Travels with Zenobia (3/8/16)  Pretty good.  I like vintage travel, and I just realized from a footnote that Troub is the author of the Sue Barton books.
  12. All Joy and No Fun - interesting research into parenting
  13. 45 Pounds (More or Less)  - (3/10/16)  Not bad; a YA novel, intersting parts.
  14. All Four Stars (3/11/16)  Juvie novel, bought for my son.  Good story about a girl who loves food, and there's going to be a sequel.
  15. Cocaine Blues, by Kerry Greenwood
  16. Flying Too High (Phryne Fisher #2) (3/15/16)
  17. Wild Magic, by Tamora Pierce (#1 in a quartet)
  18. Murder on the Ballarat Train, by Kerry Greenwood (Phryne Fisher #3)
  19. Death at Victoria Dock, by Kerry Greenwood (Phryne Fisher #4) (3/20/16)
  20. The Green Mill Murder, by Kerry Greenwood
  21. Blood and Circuses, by Kerry Greenwood
  22. Wild Magic, by Tamora Pierce
  23. Ruddy Gore, by Kerry Greenwood
  24. Urn Burial, by Kerry Greenwood
  25. Raisins and Almonds, by Kerry Greenwood (3/28/16)
  26. Death Before Wicket, by Kerry Greenwood (3/31/16)
  27. Away with the Fairies, by Kerry Greenwood
  28. Murder in Montparnasse, by Kerry Greenwood
  29. The Castlemaine Murders, by Kerry Greenwood
  30. Queen of the Flowers, by Kerry Greenwood
  31.  Death by Water, by Kerry Greenwood (4/12/16)
  32. Murder in the Dark, by Kerry Greenwood
  33. Murder on a Midsummer Night, by Kerry Greenwood

  34. Smashed
  35. some other YA novel
  36.  Alaska - Not for a Woman, by Mary Carey (4/19/16)
  37.  Dead Man's Chest, by Kerry Greenwood (4/23/16)
  38. Unnatural Habits, by Kerry Greenwood (5/1/16)  
  39. The Martian
  40. Fear Babe
  42. Church of Lies, by Flora Jessop (5/x/16)
  43. The Road to Little Dribbling, by Bill Bryson (5/10/16)
  44. The Real Lucinda (5/10/16)
  45. The Three Investigators and the Blazing Cliff (5/11/16)
  46.  The Three Investigators and the Talking Skull
  47. Not My Father's Son, by Alan Cumming (5/20/16)
  48. Maisie Dobbs
  49. Murder and Mendellsohn, by Kerry Greenwood
  50. A Wilder Rose, by SUsan Wittig Albert (6/3/16)
  51. Maisie Dobbs: Birds of a Feather (6/5/16) 
  52. The Selection, by Kiera Cass.  YA, not bad.  Dystopian but not fatally depressing. *8/16)
  53. The Heir
  54. The One
  55. Happily Ever AFter 
  56. The Prince and The Guard (8/16)
  57. Decision at Doona, by Anne McCaffrey
  58. Just One Day
  59. Just One Year (9/13/16)
  60. Messenger of Truth
  61. An Incomplete Revenge (Maisie Dobbs)
  63. Shopping, Seduction, and Mr. Selfridge, by LIndy Woodhead.  Interesting biography. Would have been nice to have  achapter about the store and family after Selfridge's death.   (9/27/16)
  64.  Hidden Figures (10/27/`6)  Very good story, can't wait for the movie.  But why no pictures?  
  65. Out of Control, by Norma Fox Mazer
  66. Full Ride, Margaret Peterson Haddix (10/30/16)

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