Tuesday, February 21, 2012

okay, Blogspot won't post from a Kindle. bugger.

I can write posts in the "edit html" mode on my Kindle, but not the "compose" mode. And life is waaaaay too short to write html code on a twitchy touchscreen. I hag to go through two keyboard screens to get to the < and > keys. So much for that idea.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

My A-List is getting shorter

I've got a short list of authors who I love, and whose books I will buy essentially sight-unseen, in hardback, at (close to) full price. That list is getting shorter, though - Anne McCaffrey died last November, and I just saw Dorothy Gilman's obituary in the N.Y. Times (she died on Thursday; complications of Alzheimers, which explains the lack of books). She hadn't published a book since 2000, but I was still hoping for one last adventure with Mrs. Pollifax.

Not sure where that leaves my A-list - Mercedes Lackey is taking a break from Valdemar, Todd McCaffrey's Pern novels are plague-ridden (literally) and not (in my opinion) as good as his mother's, and Rita Mae Brown's Sneaky Pie series has gotten too forced-preachy for my tastes. I think that leaves Susan Wittig Albert and Alexander McCall Smith (what is it with authors and triple names?), although I should probably add Tamora Pierce to the hardback-worthy list. Probably a few others I can't recall off-hand, but the list is getting shorter.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

What a difference

One year ago today, we had 18inches of snow.

This week, temps are in the 60s. We've had two snows this winter, neither enough to even cover the grass. Very different.