Thursday, January 14, 2016

An Experiment in Progress

The Amaryllis Experiment

Or, can you successfully salvage post-holiday clearance box-kit bulbs that may have tried to bloom in the box. 

I got one amaryllis before Christmas, never made it back to get more at the hardware store ($5 bulbs).  So, after Christmas, I ended up with 8 more, most of which tried to sprout or bloom in the box.  I'm testing to see if they're salvageable in spite of the problems, and if maybe I can get these to re-bloom.

So, for the record:

1 - Westlakes, either Susan or Minerva I think - red/white streaked
2 - Hyvee, supposedly white, based on the box picture
2 - Target, Red Lion
1 - from Mom, no clue where it was bought, Susan
3 - Walmart - I think 2 Red Lion and a Minerva

The Westlakes bulb bloomed before Christmas, but I don't think I got a picture.  It had one stalk, 2 blooms.  Not the best I ever had, but then the bar is set high by the Westlakes bulb that had one stalk with either 5 or 6 blooms on it, and I think that one had a second stalk.

Pictures to come.