Monday, March 17, 2014

Treasure Hunting Weekend

This weekend was the weekend for the first big Friends of the Library sale of the year - paperbacks for 50 cents, and other random finds.  I bought a few dozen books (under $30) and got a big box of maps and random travel goodies for free.  I've got a craft idea or two for the maps, other than a few neat ones to keep. I took a quick look through the box this morning - not so many maps, lots of travel brochures from all over the world.  Korea, Mexico, Europe.  There were a few dozen unused postcards, too, which is a nice bonus. 

On the way to and from the book sale, I went to a thrift store and two biggish rummage sales.  One was a fundraiser for a school group, the other was a church group fundraiser.

School fundraiser:  A kid's weaving loom, made of wood and with all the parts for $8, and a Nanoblocks space shuttle for $1 (which may or may not have all the pieces, and may or may not drive me crazy, because those pieces are tiny)

Church sale:  Scrabble cube game (old!!), 25c bag of yarn for the loom kit, a glass bottle to use as a vase, and a tea tin.

Thrift store:  one CD of Hawaiian music, and two books on the Challenger space shuttle.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Bluebird season

The bluebirds are back.  We've seen 3 visiting occasionally - can't tell how many males or females yet.  They actually snack out of the sunflower seed feeder, visit the birdbath, and seem to be staking a claim on the bluebird box.  Hopefully they won't have the problems they had last summer, and can hatch more than one set of eggs. 

I am tempted to buy some mealworms for them, even at the insane price of $15+ per pound.  The most I pay for anything else is $2/pound for the high-protein peanut mix that the jays like, and even that I mix with black-oil sunflower seed (50 cents/pound). 

Thursday, March 6, 2014

weekend progress

Made progress over the weekend. Sorted out the deep freeze and got rid of a few things on Sunday. Spent Sat afternoon rearranging the basement room. One half is noe reserved for yard sale stuff. And I have a small pile of "what was I thinking when I bought THIS?!?!?" stuff.

Thrift hunting 3-5-14

Not much today. Found a Bill Pert book and a thesaurus for Son.