Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Stargate: Atlantis - season 1

Rising, Part 1

- Rodney, still being Rodney
- Carson, already afraid of the chair.  I really expected "I'm a doctor, a medical doctor!" to be followed by ", not a ___" a la Bones on Star Trek.
- RDA was channeling some of the MacGyver voice-overs for a minute.  Very deja vu-ish, since I've been introducing the kid to MacGyver.
- "He's . . he's Canadian.      "I'm sorry."  snerk
- If this was presumed to be a one-way trip, shouldn't they have been taking along a crap-ton of food, ammo, and other supplies?  It didn't look like they shoved that much through the 'gate.
- Sheppard lucks out and sits in the chair, then turns out to be super good at using it.
- Ancient architecture is cool.  Those rotating door panels, and the lighted markings on the vertical part of the steps are cool.  There's a little Frank Lloyd Wright/Art Deco thing going on with the panels that look vaguely like stained glass.
- No sign of Zelenka or Rodney's ponytailed nemesis in the expedition team, but a few of the background faces did end up with larger roles.
- Kids playing in the forest at night.

- Teyla is awesome.
- And I've seen enough to know that the re-found necklace comes up again.

Part 2

- Rainbow Sun Francks is the coolest hippy dippy name ever
- Heyerdahl is also memorable
- the crawling Wraith arm is freaky as heck.
- The kid is the one who knows the addresses?
- Atlantis rising up out of the ocean is freaking amazing.  Well worth the chunk of CGI budget they must have spent on it.  Freaking awesome.  (Also, Zelenka's telling of it later, in Czech, in the letters home episode.  Also full of awesomeness.)  That little tidal wave is just icing on the cake.
- And we hit the ground running, with the Wraith.  Although, what's with the Wraith with face-masks or whatever?  Is that removable, or what?
- Puddle jumper vs gateship.  "You don't get to name anything. Ever."  And Rodney loses the argument. :)
- Poor Carson.  "How come I never make friends like that?"  "How much more out can I get?"  And them McKay leaves to ask about lemons.

Hide and Seek

- Carson's so happy about the gene thereapy, and the illegal-on-earth human trials
- Shep looked awfully happy after he pushed McKay off the ledge.
- Shep's horror story gets derailed with "What's a hockey mask?"
- Ford is already on the way to being the designated guinea pig/punching bag/one step up from a Red Shirt character.  Poor guy.

Thirty-Eight Minutes
- Good episode. 
- Zelenka is mentioned for the first time, but not seen in the brainstorming session.  Also Kavanaugh.
- Stressed McKay is always fun to watch.
- Not a wormhole expert,  but wouldn't the front part of the jumper be stored in the buffer, like Teal'c was in some episode?
- 15 minutes in, we meet Zelenka, my favorite tertiary character (secondary? he got a lot of screen time later)
- Cling-on.  LOL
- Kavanaugh hits the ground running as a prime jackass